ACCA F6 UK Exam Tips

Dear Students, as now you have finished lectures and notes, its time to practice. Please redo all the questions indicated during the lectures. Do them again and again until you are very good at them.

F6 UK is a taxation exam which expects you to know the rules and apply them in different scenarios. So your approach would be to read course notes and know the rules on finger tips, then go on to do the questions.

Accountancytube Lecture notes are very concise but very comprehensive at the same time, it covers the entire F6 syllabus and you can secure maximum marks in exams by following our notes.

We recommend BPP exam Kit because it’s followed by the tutor during lectures. But whichever Exam kit you follow please make sure you find the questions which were indicated after every topic.

If you have any questions please drop an email to Course Tutor at

Finally when you are well prepared, Register a mock with Accountancytube. (Optional)

We have received too many emails regarding Mock exams, so we have introduced “Mock Marker” scheme which costs just 20 GBP in which you will receive mock exam by email. You will have to attempt the mock under exam condition and send your scanned answers to us by email on very same day.

Your Tutor will Mark your exam and will add any Tips (if required) on, which areas you need to focus more. Your Mock Mark report will be issued to you by email within a week.

So you will be prepared for exam well ahead of Big  day, and you will still have time to improve your weak areas.

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Finally Celebrate now as you have finished the exam & don’t forget to recommend our Free website to your friends.

When you receive your official ACCA resuts please email us to let us know the outcome.

Good Luck!